Recently, Diablo III (a famous role-playing game created by Blizzard Entertainment) made its way to the public after six years in the making. What struck me the most was this clip about one of the character classes in the game – the Witch Doctor (also known as Shamans).

After doing a bit of research and collecting stories from my extended Nanumean families, I’ve found a lot of similarities between certain legends and those found in other cultures. Diablo III certainly takes inspiration from the myths and legends of the world, but the Witch Doctor class “spoke” to me for its similarity to a “shaman” known in Nanumea as Fakaua.

The story of Fakaua involves magic and spirits, as do many others myths and legends. Most Witch Doctor stories conjure up frightening thoughts, especially if you’ve been conditioned to believe only in Christian modes of thought (like myself), but the class in Diablo III is actually on a noble quest to combat evil in truth and honor. Could Witch Doctors of the past really be good? Are there such people?

In the game, the Witch Doctor class believe that other Witch Doctors have been corrupted and are, therefore, no longer honoring the Great Spirits. This speaks to me on many levels because it is what I call a “return to Ancient ways,” which I believe is occurring now already. It also provides a good basis for the next Episode 4 of Tales from Nanumea.

The story of Fakaua is a long one, and I don’t yet have permission to tell it, so I will have save to it for another day. But for now, I want you to watch the clip and see how it may tie into the next episode for Tales from Nanumea. Let the imagery and story drop into your feelings and listen to what it tells you. If your intuition comes up with anything, please feel free to post your thoughts in the comments below!


PS. Did you also notice the mention of ‘mana’? That’s a Polynesian word for energy! The Japanese call it ki, the Chinese call it chi, and the Indians call it chakra. Pretty cool huh?

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