I’d just like to take this time to thank all of you for your support throughout the past two months. Although I was unsuccessful with my Pozible campaign, it has not stopped me from wanting to continuing pursuing it.

On our Facebook group page (http://facebook.com/groups/talesfromnanumea), some of my Angel Supporters (the true supporters who have helped lift me up and shown continued support) have suggested I try again with another Pozible campaign. However, this time, I would set a far lower goal of around $3,000-$4,000. However, one of the supporters/fans asked how I could go from $11,000 down to $3-4,000. So here I go:

$3-4K would barely cover my own expenses for a month plus the rewards. This means I cannot pay for any extra help until I’ve landed funds to help pay for them. I can do the work alone, but working in a group is far more effective, and I have artists/animators waiting to work with me.

The plan has always been to use this money to help me KICKSTART the project, as I continue to apply for grants from the government. (Just a reminder: I quit my job to pursue this dream of mine – so, for me, there is no going back.)
Since this plan hasn’t fallen through (this time around) I will continue to work freelance jobs and get a part-time job to take care of rent/bills/etc. (My mrs. has been very supportive throughout all this, so I owe it to her!)

Wolves Hunt

I’m a big fan of wolves and, in the wild, it is said that wolves are only successful  in their hunts 1/10 times. That’s a very low success rate! However, to a hungry wolf, 1/10 is all the motivation needed to keep trying another 9 times until that 1 hunt is successful. That is how I see things these days, and that is how I see this current setback. If I need to keep getting knocked down, I will keep getting back up until I reach that 1 success! However, the one thing I need to be aware of is not just working harder. Wolves are known for their keen intelligence and cunning, so I now need to re-focus and work smarter as well.

If you believe I should try re-launching another Pozible campaign, and are willing to help me out by re-pledging and/or gathering more supporters, I will do so. I would very much appreciate your feedback by replying to this message or contacting me via support@talesfromnanumea.com.

In the meantime, I am re-thinking my strategy and applying the lessons learned for my next attempt. I will post an article on our website (www.talesfromnanumea.com) in the next couple of days, so stay tuned.

Remember folks, I never give up. Much and love and thanks again.

Until next time,



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