Alofa Tuvalu have recently permitted me to share a comic book they produced, which helps raise awareness about Tuvalu and global warming. It really is a stroke of genius, and helps put the climate change issue into simple, easy-to-digest storytelling. The comic book choice is engaging and appealing for people of all ages. It has been reproduced in many different languages and is a great way of getting the word out!

Although Tuvalu is a small country, it has a lot of spiritual wealth to share (as do many other small, Polynesian nations). If ocean levels continue to rise, and Tuvalu eventually sinks, this will be an early warning sign to the rest of the world.

So much time is spent arguing about whether global warming is a threat to us or not, but to those who are in the front-lines of climate change, who can see the effects first-hand, know that it is not natural nor fiction. It is very real.

Yes, the world changes every how many thousands of years, but the rate it which it changes is dependent on us. It is no different to the effects of smoke or cancer on the human body. Yes, the human body eventually deteriorates and a person dies, but the amount of years that person can live is directly affected by what that person consumes or does in their lifetime. If you want to live long, take care of the body. If you want the Earth to live long, take care of its body.

Simple, no?

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Until next time guys!

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