Hello friends new and old, near and far! The bulk of this article is copied straight from an email I sent out to my entire contact list two days ago. It sums up my efforts over the past month or two to get funding for Episode 4.

“If you haven’t already heard, in December of 2011, I opened up an online campaign to raise funds for Episode 4 of the Tales from Nanumea series (learn more by visiting Pozible or www.talesfromnanumea.com).

This series of animated shorts started in 2007 while still at university (some of you may remember them). Over the next three years, I made three short films, which garnered considerable attention from friends, families and organizations. However, instead of continuing with the project, I went the “safe” route and got myself a job (as a Front-End Web Developer) to receive a steady pay-check. This was good for a while, because I was financially independent, but I got bored and unmotivated very quickly. Money was not enough motivation for me. Whenever I talked to others about what I was passionate about, I would always naturally talk about animation and my Tuvaluan stories… even though I was in the web-design industry. It got me thinking until, one day, something eventually told me, “Just do it.” So that’s when I decided to stop ignoring the call, quit my job, and pursued this project.

During the last two months of my campaign, I’ve had a couple hiccups, but that hasn’t stopped me. I originally opened up onKickstarter but, towards the end of December, some changes in Amazon policies forced me to re-think my strategy and platform. Luckily for me, an Australian alternative, Pozible, entered the fore, which turned out to be much more useful and targeted for our intended audiences.

Our goal is $11,000, which should help us get started, and we are currently sitting at around $1,580 (thanks to those of you who have pledged already!). History tells us that most people don’t take action until the very last minute, and success stories from both Kickstarter and Pozible echo the same lessons, so we’re expecting things to pick up relatively quickly as we approach our January 23rd deadline.

Once you’ve had a chance to look at the page, project and video (http://talesfromnanumea.pozible.com), please take a minute to see whether you think it is worth pledging your money towards or not. I have taken the necessary steps to pursue this passion mine, and the money you put towards it will not be placed in vain – as there are also rewards for there amount you choose to pay. Just remember, though, that ‘likes’ are good, but pledges count the most! If we don’t reach our goal, you don’t get charged, but we don’t receive any of the funds. I’m focusing all my intentions and efforts on receiving those funds! If I didn’t believe whole-heartedly in this, I would not have taken such a risk!

My deepest hope is that by completing this project, I am not only able to do something for Tuvalu, but also inspire others to pursue their own dreams and passions as well – not through mere reckless risk-taking, but through a deep desire to learn more about themselves and by listening to their inner voices.

Thank you for your time and much love to all.”

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